EMC Fin Tech LLC BBB Business Review

About us

EMC FINTECH provides OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers in the Automotive Cooling, Transportation and HVAC industries with complete Roll Die Tooling. We service and produce a wide array of high precision tooling and equipment for all lines of the heating and cooling industry. From the largest OEM to the smallest aftermarket industry, including both the aluminum and copper market.

EMC FINTECH was founded in 2009 by people who have a long history in the heat transfer tooling industry. The men and women behind this new company each bring a minimum of 15 years experience in sales, design, fabrication and customer service. The goal of EMC is to help you manufacture with excellence.

We pride ourselves to be second to none in serving the industry today. Our personnel has a long history of going above and beyond to prove this point. We at EMC still believe in the old rule of making our customers happy at any cost. Our job is to make your job easier with our quality products, experience in the industry, and professional know how.

At EMC all customers receive the highest quality service.